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Hello, I'm
Pranav Bajaj

I'm Pranav, a seasoned SEO specialist, marketer, and the dynamic founder and CEO of Rankfast. I’ve over 7 years of expertise across various high stake industries including SaaS, EdTech, real estate, hospitality, Finance and 10 other micro niches.

750k to 4.3M Impressions

in 90 days

35 to 400 leads/month

in 6 months

10k to 100k clicks/month

in 8 months

Mastering Search Engines for Growth

I've built my expertise by playing around with search engines and growing businesses through search.

My Key SEO Practices

Ever wondered why some websites always appear at the top of your search results? That’s the magic of SEO. With good SEO practices, your site can rank higher, so that your potential customers can find you easily.

Imagine missing out on all that traffic just because your site isn’t optimized! we follow these key SEO practices to optimize your website.

1. Building Topical Authority

I follow Koray Tugberk’s methods to build topical authority. This means creating content that's super relevant and authoritative in its niche, helping you stand out online.

Extensive Backlink Outreach and Digital PR Campaigns

Taking a page from Brian Dean at Backlinko, I run extensive backlink outreach and digital PR campaigns. This help me get high-quality backlinks.

Robust Systems and Processes

I use the tried-and-true systems and processes from experts like Ryan Stewart and Chris Dreyer. This keeps all SEO efforts organized, efficient, and consistent.

Value of Enterprise Data

Inspired by Daniel Foley, I use enterprise data to make informed decisions. This helps in especially useful in optimizing SEO strategies for the best results.

Where Did Rankfast Come Into the Picture?

Tired of budget-wasting agencies with no results? This frustration led to Rankfast's creation. My partner and I founded it to deliver real results.

Pranav’s Philosophy on SEO

With SEO, I’ve come to realize that you can do really well by putting down a checklist of tasks that comprises all the redirect checks, user timing analysis, robots.txt, JavaScript utilization, and more.

Still, it comes down to these three things in 2024:

How badly do you want keyword sales?

Your sales success tells how much efforts you put into keyword optimization.

Is your content good enough to convert?

Content has no upper limit in marketing, whether organic or paid. Your goal should be to create content as engaging as Netflix shows.

Are people even sharing or linking to your content?

The best way to increase your authority is driving people to share and link your content wherever possible.

Happy Clients

Our SEO services have turned our clients' businesses into success stories!

Our Clients


See what our clients ahve to say about our SEO services.

Great team and great results, have worked with them twice, can't complain....


CEO Builder Al

Our goal was to acquire as many users as possible, quickly and with the minimum...
Classic startup scenario.
And the amazing Pranay Mishra from Rankfast - SEO
Company made it happen....


CEO Dreamapp

Since working with Rankfast, my search engine visibility has greatly Improved. My website now ranks... I'm extremely happy with the services provided by Rankfast...



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